Karen Stance On Raising Taxes

The following are many of Karen Cornwell’s consistent statements on raising both taxes and the levy through her 8 years on the council.

From the Post Register:
Karen Cornwell DOES NOTVALUE CITIZENINPUTAND QUESTIONS. According to the Post Register, Karen said that she was “pissed off” because she had to listen to citizens as they expressed their frustration at the thought of taxes being raised (2012 budget session). Most recently she called a prominent businessmen a “jerk” asking “who does he think he is” after he questioned city policies.

From 2009 Chamber luncheon while running against Barbara:
“… And I’m sorry; I do not believe that we are overly taxed.”

From 2005 evening forum while running against Brett Manwaring:
“I’m sorry; I’ve had it up to here with cutting property taxes. I think we have property taxes for a reason. I think the property taxes are there for our quality of life. And I’m sorry, I’m not going to sacrifice any of our quality of life to cut taxes.”

• In our October 11 forum, Karen was asked what Idaho Falls needs and she said, “more money” which means more taxes!
• During that same forum Karen made it very clear that she was the one that did not support lowering the levy a few years back which was also the case in 2007.
• The City of Idaho Falls is continually losing businesses to the County & to Ammon. What has Karen done to address this except to continue to believe that these businesses are not overly taxed?
• In our forum, Karen was emphatic that Fire Station #5 had never been closed, which is not accurate. This lapse of knowledge seems to be a repeated theme in everything she addresses.
• Karen has stated that a top priority is Fire Station #1 and yet she just approved $650,000 on another park?
• Those who have watched our debate have questioned Karen’s ability to continue to serve our city. The aforementioned are real concerns and she has yet to address them.

Parks in Idaho Falls


“I love Idaho Falls with our many parks and especially our greenbelt.  I
even chose to buy my home by the river.  But with our many pressing needs
and during a down economy, we do not need another park or 40 acres more of
park land.  What we need is someone with leadership that can priortize our
spending and address our needs before we entertain our wants.”

Barbara Ehardt Supports Our Zoo!

tn_Zebra stallion
“In spite of the disparaging claims by my opponents that I want to shut the zoo down, you can listen for yourself to exactly what I said in this short clip from out debate. I support our zoo and recognize it as one of our key attractions. Karen was at the forum with me and she knows exactly that which I said.”

The question was asked, “What ideas do each of you have to reduce operating expenses for the Civic Auditorium, or the Zoo.”

To watch the debate in it’s entirety, please go to http://www.barbaraehardt.com/city-council-forum-seat-6-ehardt-vs-cornwell-10112013/ There you can determine for yourself who has more command of the issues, and who is better prepared to serve on the city council!