Your conservative choice for Mayor of Idaho Falls

Barbara’s life experiences are so unique that they qualify her more than any other candidate to serve Idaho Falls as its next mayor.  None of the other candidates for mayor can come close to the qualifying leadership experiences that Barbara has had.  Nothing prepares one for leadership like athletics does.  The lessons learned through sports are more applicable to life than anything else one can do.  Consider this: 10 of the last 18 Presidents of the United States have played collegiate sports, while 3 more of them competed successfully at the high school level.  What is it that is offered through sports that is so unique?  It is the real-life experience of learning and applying leadership tools while interacting with teammates, coaches, refs, and opponents.  These tools allow for growth through the many conflicts and obstacles presented in sports.  Conflict resolution is by far the most important tool an athlete can acquire that will prepare them for serving in the political world.  Barbara played college basketball at both North Idaho College and Idaho State and then spent 15 years coaching Division Women’s Basketball.  It is no wonder that she has successfully applied these skill sets throughout her life and careers, including as a member of the City Council.

Barbara Ehardt for Mayor

Promises I Have Made & Kept 

  • I will listen to you.
    I have done this for four years either meeting with groups, neighborhoods or individuals.  We’ve met over lunch, at homes, in offices – doesn’t matter. I have listened and worked to create WIN / WIN situations.


  • I will work to create more transparency.
    Amongst other things, I asked during all three previous campaigns that all council meetings be streamed and recorded for record and review. After we accomplished this, it became apparent that the bulk of the city council business was done in council work sessions so I fought to have all of our council work sessions streamed and recorded. At one point, some council thought to revoke this, but I stood firmly for transparency and the continued recording of the work that we do. In this way, you can know what I know.


  • I will be fiscally responsible.
    I have looked at every dollar request as individually as possible. I have vocally supported spending money that was necessary, but I have not supported the yearly tax / levy increases imposed on our city because it addressed more “wants” than “needs.” I also did not support the rebranding of our city or the signage & wayfinding that continues to cost our city money in excess of $1.3 million dollars.


  • I will be business friendly.
    I KNOW that businesses are the lifeblood of a community. I have worked to support policies that support businesses and I will continue to work to create an atmosphere that allows the private sector to thrive as the City becomes as supportive as possible.


  • I will support family values.
    Idaho Falls is a family community. My conversations and votes reflect this. My side conversations have worked to preserve what has long been our identity:
    God, Family & Country.


  • I will work to keep government small.
    I have continually done this both with my votes and my departmental conversations. For years, our city growth rate continues to be less than 1 ½ %. Government should not grow faster than this.


  • I will bridge the gap between Idaho Falls, Ammon, the county, as well as our surrounding cities.
    I have a fantastic relationship with all of our county commissioners and the City of Ammon’s elected officials. I have been key in a number of joint efforts including providing the impetus to solve the Target exit at the 25thstreet intersection. I work hard to keep relationships open and in good standing. The only way to solve joint problems is to be able to create an atmosphere where there is respect and trust so that conversations can flourish.